October 9, 2008

                                        Selinsgrove Area Rotary Club

                                        Make Dreams Real

Vol. 82, No. 14                    President – Michael P. Hayes                       Editor – Dottie Anderson  


This Week: Oct. 16 – Coaches Night with the Sunbury Rotary, Dinner at , Edison Hotel, Sunbury. Reservations were required by 10/08.  Call Joyce Anderson for more info. Mike Hayes will edit the Newsletter.

October 9, 2008 – President Michael opened the meeting by welcoming new member, Cathy Kline. 28 Rotarians were present for a Club Assembly in which Shawn Felty presented a program on Web Management.  Shawn advised us that the club’s web site, www.selinsgroverotary.org , was launched two months ago as a test site.  It’s now fully functional and available to all members.  Shawn used his laptop and projector to show the members various tabs and pages.  Approximately 15 members had previously accessed the site.  He encouraged all members to log in.  He demonstrated the initial registration page and the subsequent member sign-in page.  He had a hard-copy of instructions available for anyone who might need additional support.  The on-line membership directory is visible only to Club members it is not available to the public.  The Club Service Director (Kendra Aucker) and her committee have assumed responsibility for the web site maintenance.  Limited persons will have the ability to post new items and/or edit existing items on the web site.  President Michael thanked Shawn and his staff at Sire Advertising for their work in developing our tool.  Michael introduced Leo Mendonca, who spoke about his desire to post photos and biographies of our membership onto the web site.  He has found similar information very valuable when researching clubs in Brazil.  President Michael reported that the Board is in agreement to proceed with this project.

Announcements: Toby S. announced that there will be a wine-tasting and art event at the Shade Mountain Winery.  It’s a benefit for the Snyder County Libraries. She then raffled off a donated $25 gift certificate to Irene’s Restaurant to further benefit the event.  President Michael announced that hard copies of the Club Calendar are available from him.

Fines: Pres. Michael for his anonymous 4-Way discretions, Cathy Kline for her B-Day,  John F for his 50th reunion & a car full of wine, Pres Michael for purple pinkies and a thank you to the club for Market St work, Don H for wine-making in his bathroom, going to Portugal and progress at East Snyder Park, Fred J for School pride, Pres Michael’s penance and for Earl, Hal Shriver for his 74th B-Day, Nelson for his mother-in-law’s safe arrival, Marv R for his 1st SU parade and Don H’s prison work and finally photos of Bob S and Kendra A in the paper.

Future Programs:                              

Oct. 23 – Michael Piecuch, Chief of Staff to the Speaker of the House Representative Dennis O’Brien, will be the featured speaker. John Stokinger will edit the newsletter. SVCC,

Oct. 30 – Joseph McGranaghan, member of the Government Affairs Committee of the GSV Chamber of Commerce, will address the Club on the Susquehanna Valley Thruway Project. SVCC,

. 6 – Hospice Care / SUN Home Health CEO.  Steve Richard will speak.  Jan Wilson hosts. SVCC,

Nov. 13 – Veteran’s Day presentation by Robert Rachau, Post Commander of the VFW Post 6631.  SVCC,

Nov. 20 – Presentation on energy conservation by Megan Epler and Jess Scott from SEDA-COG.  SVCC,

Nov. 27 – Happy Thanksgiving.  No meeting.

Birthdays:  Oct. 11 – Cathy Kline; 12 – Steva Stowell-Hardcastle; 22 – John Reed; Nov. 2 – Chris Kenawell;

6 – Donna Schuck; 8 – Jerry Rhoades; 15 –Art Bowen; 29 – Paul Spiegel.

Quotation:  "Never let the fear of striking out get in your way."                                                 George Herman "Babe" Ruth