August 6, 2009

             Selinsgrove Area Rotary Club

                         The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands

Vol. 83, No. 6                    President – Jeffrey P. Edmunds              Editor – Dottie Anderson  


Next Meeting: August 13, 2009 Club hosts 17 Senshu University students and three interns from Susquehanna, along with Program Coordinator, Mimi Rice.  Shawn Felty, greeter. SVCC, Fire Place Room, 11:45 a.m.


August 6  2009 Twenty-four Rotarians  were present to hear Jennifer Johnston’s classification talk. Born and raised in Blossburg, PA, Jennifer became acquainted with Rotary at an early age through singing in a chorus and becoming acquainted with inbound Rotary Exchange Students attending her high school.  At 17 she became a Rotary Exchange outbound student, spending the year in Costa Rica.  A English major graduate from Mansfield, she joined Ameri-core Vista as a volunteer for a year after college, working in Portland, OR with the United Way, teaching English as a second language.  Following a year of travel, she went to Clarian where she earned a MLS. She became the Selinsgrove Librarian after returning to the area in order to have family around as she raised her son Joel.  Jennifer is delighted to be a Rotarian and anticipates working with Konrad Kempfe to reestablish the Youth Exchange Program with this Club.  Host families are being sought for the 2010-11 year.


Announcements: Joyce Anderson and Konrad Kempfe continue to coordinate assistance to a family in need of mattresses for children’s beds and a small dresser. Don Harnum volunteered use of his truck to deliver furniture this weekend. *President Jeff shared thank you letter Club received from Kaitlin Gill for Free Enterprise Week support

Sergeant at arms: Konrad Kempfe collected fines as follows: from Mike Flock (daughter’s graduation as a PA); Don Harnum (Ireland and golf with sonJ); Hal Schriver (back from vacation); Kathy Kline (happy to be here); and Dottie Anderson (success of ’09 SSDC and everyone’s support that makes it possible).

Good News of Rotary: Konrad Kempfe shared list of Competitive Matching Grant recipients as of 4/09.

Future Programs:                              

August 20 – Shoba Kumar, member of the South Korea GSE Team will present the program. Pat Pinkowski greeter. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

August 27 – Sharon Koppell, from Snyder, Union, Mifflin Child Development will be the speaker. Art Bowen greeter. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

Sept. 3 – TBA, Toby Skinner, responsible for program; Hal Dunkelberger greeter. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

Sept. 10 – TBA, John Fischer greeter; Ken Miller
responsible for program. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

Sept. 24 – TBA, Mike Flock greeter; Cathy Kline responsible for program. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

Birthdays:  August 15 – Kendra Aucker; 16 – Earl Ferster, Konrad Kempfe; 30 – Jay Lemons. September 3 – Tom Gates; 5 – John Fischer; 9 – Hal Schriver; 24 – Don Summers.

Quotation: “Every man must carry his own sack to the mill.”  

                                                Italian Proverb