July 22,2010

               Selinsgrove Rotary Club

Vol. 84, No. 4          President – John L. Stokinger      Editor – Dottie Anderson


Next Meeting:  July 29, 2010  – District Governor Constance M. Wydra’s official Club visit. A Board of Director’s meeting follows. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

July 22, 2010: Twenty-five Rotarians were present for the Club Assembly and discussion of the 2010-11 budget proposal. President John Stokinger presented a two year comparison, with actual expenses for 09-10 in addition to budget number, plus notes relating to dues income and meals assessment and costs. He also presented a sheet that showed income vs. expense for specific items such as the Chicken Barbeque, Market St. Festival, etc.  Discussion followed: John Fischer plans to designate $1000 given in Carolyn’s memory to Commons project; Club should consider making a major contribution to the commons/library project; perhaps adding scholarship or taking up amount; add Club Service line of $1000 for special events; John Thompson suggested consideration of $300 for the Red Cross to provide ham radio service. Board will finalize budget within few weeks.

Announcements: 8/21 District wide Membership Workshop in Sunbury; 8/9 Meeting will be tour of the new Science Building at Susquehanna arranged by Nelson Bailey; Club Golf Tournament is 9/13; RI has added fifth avenue of service – Youth; Mike Piecuch provide information about the Snyder County Youth Accountability Program and invites volunteers to consider becoming involved. 

Sergeant-at-arms:  Marv Rudnitsky collected fines as follows: from Konrad Kempfe (Florida visit with son and Rotary Club program on RI Legislation); Michael Hayes (40 cars at last Friday SSDC community car wash, Footloose at the Commons tonight); Art Bowen (grandkids and Bowen family wedding in Phila.); Mike Flock (good vacation); John Fischer (mother-in-laws weekend); John Thompson (NE vacation); Pat Pinkowski (water in the pool); Mike Piecuch (SSDC visit and amazing amazon animals, daughter at Kids Kollege, Mom); Nelson Bailey (son bought him lunch); Bill Clark (air show); and Earl Ferster (+15).  

Future Programs:

Aug. 5 – Classification talk: Wesley Knapp, Superintendent, Mid-West School District. RI Montreal Conference report by Dottie Anderson and Michael Hayes. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

Aug. 12 – Jeff Edmunds and his son, Jacob, will describe their mission trip experience. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

Aug. 19 – Rotary Family Picnic, 6 p.m., SVCC. Swimming pool will be available. Sign-up sheet circulating. Newsletter Editor needed.

Aug. 26 – Program on Senior Citizen Crime Prevention – Donna Schuck. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

Birthdays:  Aug. 15 – Kendra Aucker, 16 – Earl Ferster and Konrad Kempfe; 30 – Jay Lemons.

Quotation:  You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.                   Mary Tyler Moore&nbsp