Sept. 29, 2011

Selinsgrove Area Rotary Club

Reach Within to Embrace Humanity

Vol. 85, No. 12

President – Patricia A. PinkowskiEditor – Dorothy M.

Next Meeting: Oct. 6, 2011– “Giving Children a Voice”
by Judy Jones, Court Appointed Special Advocate. Raven Rudnitsky is the guest
host. 11:45 a.m., SVCC.


September 29, 2011: Twenty-seven Rotarians and a guest (Melissa
Leniewski) were present as Nelson Bailey presented a classification talk. Nelson
was raised in Selinsgrove and is a graduate of Susquehanna University.
Following a stint in the Army, he attended Harvard, and became a dentist,
setting up practice in Selinsgrove.After raising and educating two sets of twins (two daughters and two
sons) and closing his practice, Nelson gave in to his “wanderlust” and has
traveled extensively on a variety of medical mission activities which have
included Guatemala, Russia, Mexico, the Caribbean, Kosovo, the West Bank and
Gaza Strip, the Amazon, Peru, Brazil and Iraq. He is the recipient of an
outstanding Alumni Award from Harvard.A
newsletter summary can’t possible capture the style, content, and humanitarian
spirit of Nelson’s presentation and life choices. Before the presentation, President
Pat convened a Club Meeting for the purpose of discussion and voting on the
Board of Directors recommendation that the Club pledge $5000 to the Snyder County
Library Campaign, to be paid over 3 years. With much discussion and comment
concerning paying the pledge over 3 or 5 years, the motion passed.


Announcements: Thanks
are expressed to all who helped at the Market St. Festival this past Saturday.
Final tally is not know, but apparently about $130.00 was raised for Polio
Plus.**The District is seeking a GSE Team leader for the spring trip to the
Philippines. See Pat Pinkowski for additional Information.


Acting Sergeant at arms: John Stokinger
invited “donations” toward our good works instead of speaking so that
sufficient time was allowed for Nelson’s presentation.Mike Flock did announce that fellow Rotarian
John Bickhart did an excellent job speaking on the Mark Lawrence Show, WKOK
this a.m. responding to questions and concerns about the Isle of Que flooding
and recovery process.




13 – Gary Swan, Farm Bureau Director of Government Affairs, Earl Ferster hosts,
SVCC, 11:45 am.

20 – Club Assembly/Club Service – “Membership Development” – PDG Karen H.
Teichman. Newsletter Editor needed. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

27 – SASD Coaches Recognition Luncheon. Chad Cohrs is the host. Mike Flock will
serve as Newsletter Editor. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

3 – Enterprise Week – Speaker will be Charlie Ross, Chamber of Commerce. John
Fischer is the host. Newsletter Editor needed. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.


Birthdays: October 6 – Chad
Cohrs; 10 – Cathy Kline; 21 – John Reed.November 6 – Donna Schuck; 8 – Jerry Rhoads; 15 – Art Bowen.


Quotation: “A good listener is not only popular
everywhere, but after a while he knows something.” Wilson Mizner,