Jan. 12, 2012

Selinsgrove Area Rotary Club

Reach Within to Embrace Humanity

Vol. 85, No. 25

President – Patricia A. PinkowskiEditor – Dorothy M.

Next Meeting: January 19, 2011–Speaker will be Harold
Woelfel, Jr., Senior Judge, Court of Common Pleas, 17th Judicial
District, on the successes and failures of the treatment courts. Mike Flock is the
host. 11:45 a.m., BJ’s, Selinsgrove.

January 12, 2011: Twenty-eight Rotarians and guests were present for a
Club Assembly featuring a discussion of the District Survey results as
presented by Joyce Anderson. In general, the 21 members (less than half the
membership) who responded thought meetings were well run and organized,
programs were good and well planned, etc. Further discussion and consideration
needs to be given to new member orientation, fund-raising, classification
survey, and trying to end practice of charging for missed meals. To end that
practice would require finding a way to replace a significant amount of the
annual budget income line. It is noted that Bill Clark has agreed to assist
Treasurer Ken Wagner in completing and distributing quarterly bills. Guests in
attendance were Dave Lawer (Bill Clark’s guest) and Susan Gilbert, manager of
FNB (Earl Ferster’s guest) A Board of Director’s meeting followed.

Announcements: Mimi Rice
continues to look for hosts for 3 male students from Japan who will be here
1/31 to 3/21. A stipend is provided. Ask Pat Pinkowski for additional
information or contact Mimi directly.*Club will meet at BJ’s all of Jan., Feb.,
and March. A salad or other entre will be available at each meeting.**4/11 is
the Distinguished Service Award dinner, nominees, individuals or groups, should
be given to Joyce Anderson.***Hal Schriver announced that $882 was raised for
the Salvation Army by the 14 members whoassisted with the bell ringing.****If you want to access the membership
directory on the website, and need to set a password, get in touch with Michael
Haiyes. You do not need a password to go on to any other section of the
website.*****Polio Plus bike ride is scheduled for 6/23, members are urged to
participate if possible.

Good News of Rotary: Konrad Kempfe spoke about the Club of Ulyanovsk, Russia
and its project to raise fund for a clinic to deal with children diagnosed with

New Member
Sponsored by Bill
Clark, Dave Lawer, in the classification of Business:Retail, is proposed for
membership. Any objections should be conveyed to President Pinkowski within 7
days of this notice.

Sergeant at arms: Marv Rudnitksy collected fines
from Mike Piecuch (his birthday and his father in law); Keving Waple (he and
his daughter completed half marathon); Mike Flock (Hal’s work on the Bell
Ringing); John Stokinger (third grade thank you notes and New Year’s Day family
gathering); Melissa Lieniewski (oldest daughter’s graduation from college,
middle daughter’s new job); Bill Clark (both guests); Nelson Bailey (Konrad’s
guidance a farm show); Konrad Kempfe (farm show); Pat Pinkowski (family
gathering at son’s); Art Bowen (daughter’s 37th bd and grandkids
bd’s coming up); John Fischer (Hal not reading names of members who didn’t ring
the bell); and Earl Ferster (+15 and wife’s successful knee replacement).

Future Programs:

26 – Urban/Rural Night, 6:15 p.m., Jerry Rhoads is the host, Christ Community
Church. Signup sheet will be circulated. Partners, guests are welcome.

2 – Pete DeWire, the development of surveying. Don Harnum is the host. 11:45
a.m., BJ’s

9 –Topic is SEDA-COG. Kevin Waple is the host. – 11:45 a.m., BJ’s

16 –John Turner, MD, will speak about Evangelical’s Center for Breast Health.
Michael Hayes is the host. 11:45 a.m., BJ’s

Birthdays: Jan.14 – Don Harnum; 24 – Michael Flock. Feb.
3 –Toby Skinner; 7 – Shawn Felty; 11 – Mike Flock; 25 – Mark Johnson.

Quotation: “Laziness is nothing more than the
habit of resting before you get tired.”

Jules Renard