Sept. 13, 2012

Selinsgrove Rotary Club

Peace through Service

Vol. 86, No. 10 President – Donna Schuck  Editor
– Dottie Anderson

: Sept. 20
– Club Assembly about New Generations Avenue of Service, Donna Schuck and Mike
Flock, SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

Sept. 13, 2012 – Charlie
McCuen introduced speakers Roy Cressinger and Mark and Ted Cresswell.Roy described how he originally acquired
property on Mill Road approximately 40 years ago, by bidding on the
property.The existing resident was
given a life estate and lived there until 5 or 6 years ago.Roy introduced Mark who described the
townhouse project planned for the 12.5 acre parcel, located directly opposite
the end of Roosevelt Avenue.It will be
called Brentwood Heights, named for Roy’s late son, Brent.There will be 59 high-end townhouses.9 separate buildings will be constructed in
3-5 phases. Each unit will be 2,350 square feet on two floors.The floor plans can be fully customized by
each buyer.Each unit will have a 1-car
garage with 3 additional parking spaces.The units will have a large amount of storage.Each unit will be prepared for the 3-day
installation of individual elevators if an owner ever needs easier access to
the 2nd floor.All structures
will have quality exterior finishes on all sides.The units will cost $235-250,000 which is
higher than the nearby townhouse development.The project will have a central pavilion available to all condo owners.There will be a 3,700 foot walking path
around the development.There will be a
“wetlands” area and the development will have 3 additional over-flow parking
areas.Mark stressed the convenient
location of living here with all necessary amenities
within walking distance.

Announcements: John S.
reminded members that we’d agreed to participate in Kidsgrove’s Fall Festival
on Sat, Oct 20th.He asked
for someone to volunteer to organize our effort.If you can help, please contact him.John S. also passed out sign-up sheets for a
bike-ride fundraiser for the library (a non-Rotary event).John F. thanked his golf committee for a good
event.He estimates that the foundation
grossed $20,000 and will net about $15,000.$5,000 will go to the library, matched by the Gelnett trust.He also thanked Ken Wagner for his $155
donation by not claiming the 50/50 drawing.President Donna announced that the Rotary Leadership Institute meeting
will be on Nov 10th in Hagerstown, MD.See her for more information.

Saturday, 9/22.We forgot to re-circulate
sign-up sheets. We will have two booths – one selling food items and one to
promote Rotary and collect for Polio Plus.This is one of our most visible events all year.
Please plan to find some time to help.

call Earl F. or John S. to volunteer.

News of Rotary International:
No news
in Konrad’s absence.

at arms
: Marv Rudnitsky collected happy
fines as follows:

John F. golf tournament, Joyce – visitors and
return of Jerry “back on his feet”, Bob S. – Jerry R., Nelson B. – Jerry R.,
Dave L. – Jerry R. and Bill Clark going to Italy, Bill C. – Jerry R., Charlie
M. – Jerry R. and his speakers, Hal D. – Jerry R., Bob F. – speakers, Donna S.
– golf committee, Jerry R. and Iraqi plane visitor, Melissa L. – anniversary,
Toby S. – Jerry R., her western trip and free duck dinners.Marv finished up with one pun too many about
“sex with a peacock”.



27 – Dr. Wesley Knapp speaks about public education. Ken Miller is the host.
SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

4 – TBA. Bill Clark hosts the program. Club Nominating Comm. Appointed. SVCC,
11:45 a.m.

11 – Scott Billings of Billings Vending Services will be the speaker. Brian
Neitz is the host. Newsletter Editor needed. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

16 – Club Assembly on Vocational Service. Toby Skinner hosts. Mike Flock Edits
the newsletter. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.


Birthdays: Sept. 23 – Don Summers, Oct. 4 –
Chad Cohrs, 21 – John Reed.


Quotation: "All
literary men are Red Sox fans. To be a Yankee fan in a literate society is to
endanger your life." — author John Cheever