May 2, 2013

Selinsgrove Rotary

Peace through Service

Vol. 86, No. 42         

President – Donna Schuck                Editor – Dottie Anderson

Next Meeting: May 9, 2013 – John Stokinger and Melissa
Laniewski will lead a Club Assembly on Community Service. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.


May 2,
: Twenty-eight Rotarians were
present as Dr. Kevin Singer, Executive Director of the CSIU, spoke about the
CSIU. Chad Cohrs was the host. Other guests present were Rev. Bob Doll (Art
Bowen’s guest) and Gastin Carol (Donna Schuck’s guest). Editor’s note – didn’t get to speak with Donna’s guest to confirm
spelling of his name.
Dr. Singer brings multi-state superintendent
experience to his position and he affirmed his long standing commitment to
student learning. The CSIU Board is composed of a representative from the
boards of each of the 17 districts (5 county area) they cover and was the only
IU set up on an entrepreneurial model whereby the districts purchase services
from the IU such as cooperative purchasing, software development, alternative
schools, head start, dropout prevention and therapeutic programs. Dr. Singer
has been a Rotarian in several Clubs and shared some fun and interesting


Announcements: Art
Bowen says a program date if available – June 12, please tell him if you have a
program in minde.* SVCC 50’s music pop
concert is 5/3 & 4 at SU.**Wes Knapp and Hal Dunkelberger reported on the
District Conference and programs. A second Rotarian needs to step up to take
the grants training before August in order for us to be eligible to apply for
***Bob Soper has packets about Free Enterprise week for members to
share with potential applicants.****Mike Flock has raffle tickets from a
Lewisburg Club fund raiser – great prizes.*****Ken Miller shared that the Shade
Tree Commission planted two new trees at the field and sidewalk and curb work
will be occurring at the field. Because of the original lease, the Borough will
pay for this project. Bobbi Fogle has found doors to replace the three at the
field – money will be needed for this project.


Sergeant at arms: Marv
Rudnitsky collected happy fines as follows: from himself (Fl. trip with kids
and grandkids); Sherri Hoffman (parents back from FL, daughter’s track
accomplishments, World Prayer Day); Mike Flock (fence replacement experience);
Bob Soper (grandchildren going to Temple, Penn State, U of Pittsburgh); Art
Bowen (trees in bloom, guest, non-functioning freezer mystery solved); Donna
Schuck (guest, and all her kids 21 or over); Chad Cohrs (speaker and guests);
Pat Pinkowski (quilt fair and “baby’s” birthday); Joyce Anderson (granddaughter’s
1st place in relay); Bill Clark (Atlanta, grandson’s musical,
grandkids going to U of Wisconsin, U of California, Santa Barbara); Toby
Skinner (high school performance of Music Man); Mary Peterhaensal (Pocono retreat);
Wes Knapp (guest & speaker and fond memories of World Day of Prayer); John
Stokinger (Chorale Pops Concert this weekend); and John Thompson
(safety/security provided by Ham Radio Club at Lewisburg Art Festival and being
away next few weeks).


May 16 – Kendra Aucker hosts and introduces this year’s Rotary
Scholarship winners. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

May 23 – Four Way Test speakers from Selinsgrove High School.
Donna Schuck is the host. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

May 30 – Recognition Day, Joyce Anderson is the host. SVCC, 11:45

June 6 – TBA, John Reed is the host. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.


Birthdays: May 15 – John Stokinger. June 24 – Pat Pinkowski


Quotation: “You can’t
say yes to everything. When you do say yes, say it quickly. But always take a
half hour to say no, so you can understand the other fellow’s side too.”

Francis Cardinal Spellman