Sept.5, 2013

Selinsgrove Area
Rotary Club

Engage Rotary-Change Lives

Vol. 86, No.

President – Wesley Knapp

Editor – Dottie Anderson

Next Meeting:
Sept. 12, 2013 – TBA – Bill Clark is the host. Michael Flock will edit the


Sept. 5, 2013:
Thirty-one Rotarians and one guest (Dalton Buzz Savidge) were present as Michael
Piecuch, Rotarian and District Attorney, spoke about the Snyder County
Coalition for Kids, introducing mobilizer Deb Shaffer. Hempfield Behavioral
Health obtained a state grant which provides start-up money, and with help from
Marv Rudnitsky, the Coalition is now seeking tax exempt status so that it can
reach sustainability. The coalition uses the Communities that Care model, which
is research based and follows a community health framework.Involving all of Snyder County, which
includes both school districts, results of the PAYS youth survey given every
two years, is one of the main research tools that inform the community of the
risks and protective factors working within the youth of the county. It is then
possible to inform related agencies and stimulate the addressing of those
factors. The coalition has the goal of reducing delinquency and dependence
issues, dealing with concerns early on rather than waiting until it is
necessary for the police and/or courts to deal with a criminal issue. Mike
Flock was the host and is on the Board of the coalition.

John Stokinger spoke about the Market Street Festival scheduled for Saturday,
Sept. 9/28 and circulated a signup sheet for volunteers.*John Fischer spoke
about the Golf Tournament and thanked volunteers for signing up for a variety
of roles.**Ken Miller informed Pres. Knapp that the Borough will pay for the
required sewer lining at Rotary Field for the portion running from the curb and
under the street to the lateral.

Good News of
Konrad Kempfe shared information about a peace conference for
women who had lost family members in the Northern Ireland conflicts held with
the sponsorship of the Belfast West Rotary Club. Past IR President Tanaka and
Rotary Peace Fellows participated.

Sergeant at arms:
Marv Rudnitsky collected happy fines as follows (to the best of the editors
ability to hear and keep up): Happy Birthday Tom Gates, John Fischer and
Melissa Laniewski (Melissa not present); Tom also paid for a wonderfully full
family birthday celebration and John Fischer added thanks for all he learns
doing the Golf Tournament, like about small games of chance licenses); himself
(Penn State first game of season win); Earl Ferster (leaving early and in anticipation
of reaching +15 goal); Mike Flock (guests and speakers); Donna Schuck (W. VA
football win); Gaston Carrolmissed meetings, baby room ready, guests and Notre
Dame win); Wes Knapp (John Fischer’s work); Sherri Hoffman (great family vacation
complete with good weather); Dave Lawer (guest, speakers and golf committee);
John Anderson (honest DA); Art Bowen (grandkids and dogs); Charlie McCuen
(Emelia in nursery school, golf promotion, Michigan win); Mary Peterhaensel
(Knoebel’s with grandkids); Konrad Kempfe (Hatteras); and John Reed (Barb
coming home from babysitting).

Future Programs:

Sept. 19 – Chad Cohrs is the host. TBA. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.
Jared Roush will edit the newsletter.

Sept. 26 – TBA, Michael Damiano is the host. 11:45 a.m.SVCC

Oct. 3 – TBA, Earl Ferster is the host. 11:45 a.m., SVCC

Oct. 10 – TBA, John Fischer is the host. 11:45 a.m., SVCC

Oct. 17 – TBA, Nelson Bailey is the host, 11:45 a.m.,


Birthdays: Sept. 23 – Don Summers.
Oct. 4 Chad Cohrs; 21-John Reed


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