May 1, 2014

Selinsgrove Area Rotary Club
Engage Rotary-Change Lives

Vol. 86, No. 40 President – Donna Schuck Editor – Dottie Anderson

Next Meeting: May 8, 2014 – Speaker will be Dr. Jennifer Rager, Otolaryngologist, on the topic of allergies. Nelson Bailey is the host. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

May 1, 2014: Twenty-eight Rotarians were present as new member Rocky Baer presented his classification talk. Announced speaker Charles Schlegel had to cancel because of a professional conflict. Rocky is originally from Utah and he and his family moved to central PA about 4 years ago in pursuit of a professional opportunity. He has purchased his architectural business from Gary Wolfe, with Gary transitioning out of the business and retiring. Gary is a graduate of the Univ. of Utah and earned his architectural degree from the Univ. of Colorado. He has substantial experience in residential design and is especially interested in bringing green sustainable design to his projected. The father of two, he is currently coaching his son’s hockey team and is chair of the Boroughs Parks and Recreation committee. Konrad Kempfe and Hal Dunkelberger reported on their experiences at the District Conference this past weekend. Both were impressed by the program and the international exchange students they met while at the conference. The next District event is the District Assembly on 5/17. If you would be interested in attending, speak with Donna or Dave Lawer.

Announcements: Distinguished Service Award event will occur June 12, 19, or 26.*See Toby Skinner, John Thompson or Art Bowen if you are in need of a program for a week you are the host.**Tickets for the Chicken Barbeque scheduled for June 7 (Gaston chairing) should be available for distribution by next week.***John Stokinger reported on the Shamokin Dam Sunrise Club – they now have 8 committed to joining toward the goal of 20 that needs to be reached before chartering.
Good News of Rotary: Konrad Kempfe shared information about the Rotary First Harvest, a 501(C) (3) organization developed in District 5030 in Washington State. The organization connects farmers, truckers, volunteers and food banks for hunger relief, including and providing surplus food exchanges with other states.

Sergeant of Arms: Marv Rudnitsky collected happy fines from: himself (back); Mike Flock (11 spring grants from the SACF); Rocky Baer (designing a Penn State project); Dave Lawer (Gaston’s work on barbeque); Art Bowen (Arts Festival); John Fischer (concern re son’s making it up here given flooding in Phila. Area because of rain); Mike Piecuch (SSDC Board Meeting); John Stokinger (daughter’s MS envy); Dottie Anderson (importance of Rotary in development of SSDC and SACF); Donna Schuck (Hal and Konrad attending DC); Wes Knapp (back); Nelson Bailey (thank you Pat P for Pops Concert tickets and Melissa in play); Konrad Kempfe (Dist. Conf and 70 exchange students); Charlie McCuen (Costa Rica trip and visit with daughter and grandson); Joyce Anderson (in and out of the hospital with good news); John Thompson (no security issues at Arts Festival on behalf of radio hams); and Earl Ferster (back and +15).

Future Programs:
May 15 – Kendra Aucker, Chair of the SACF Scholarship Comm., will introduce the winners of the Rotary/SACF scholarships for this year. Bill Clark is the host. Newsletter Editor needed. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.
May 22 – Chad Cohrs will be both speaker and host, along with Jeff Hummel, Business Manager of the Selinsgrove Area School District on the topic of Public School Financing. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.
May 29 – TBA, Michael Damiano is the host. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.
June 5 – TBA, Hal Dunkelberger is the host. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

Birthdays: May 15 – John Stokinger. Editor doesn’t know any June birthdays – speak up if you have one!

Quotation: “That men do not learn much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.” Aldous Huxley