November 12, 2015

Selinsgrove Area Rotary Club

Be a Gift to the World

Vol. 88, No. 19        President – Mike Piecuch                Editor – Dottie Anderson

Next Meeting: November 19, 2015 – 11:45 a.m., SVCC. Your Genetic Legacy – program presented by Dr. Carroll Flansburg, member of the Geisinger Genetic Research Team. Dave Lawer is the host, Jared Roush is the greeter.

Nov. 12, 2015: Twenty-two Rotarians were present to hear Liz Fulcher describe the work of the Aromatic Wisdom Institute and the role essential oils can have in the quality of our lives. Rotarians enjoyed discovering aromas of several plant extract oils and learning about potential benefits. A certified aroma therapist, Liz has studied the chemistry involved at Purdue, having originally become acquainted with essential oils while living in Italy.  Liz teaches classes at Pompeii Organics in Mifflinburg and out of her home. Melissa Laniewski was the host.

Dave Lawer, Chair of the Nominations Committee, announced the following slate for a second time: Past President, Mike Piecuch; President, Mary Peterhaensel; President Elect, open; Vice President, Cheryl Stumpf; Secretary, Hal Dunkelberger; Treasurer, Dan Mahoney; Vocational Service – Joyce Anderson; International Service, Dave Lawer; Community Service Co-Chairs – Melissa Laniewski and Jared Roush; Club Service – Art Bowen; New Generations – Marv Rudnitsky. In addition, Don Rowe is nominated to serve on Selinsgrove Recreation, Inc. There were no nominations from the floor. Following the second reading of the slate, President Piecuch presided over the elections and the slate was elected. Ryan Felty had to withdraw as nominee for the President Elect position because he has recently changed employers.

President Piecuch began the meeting by introducing Joyce Anderson who presided over a veterans recognition – Bob Soper, Bill Clark, Jerry Rhoades and Dave Lawer were present and spoke about their service experience. Dave Lawer thanked all who helped with the flag display at Rotary Field and noted that Peggy Roup had given him $5 to turn in for happy dollars in recognition of the display.

Announcements: Joyce Anderson is collecting funds for items requested by Children and Youth as our Christmas project.* We are participating in Tree Fest again – Imogene’s Antlers is the book.** A croquet your way meeting is scheduled for the 19th at 10 a.m. preceding regular Rotary meeting to discuss this May 20-21 event.***Unless someone steped forward by today to coordinate Salvation Army bell ringing for Late Shoppers’ Night, President Michael will tell planners that we are not participating this year.

Sergeant at arms: John Stokinger collected “happy fines” as follows: himself (bad key for singing and Selinsgrove football); Wes Knapp (liked key); Bob Soper (speaker); Cheryl Stumpf (veterans, Girls on the Run 5K Sat. at Susquehanna for the 5th year); Pat Pinkowski (veterans and speaker); Melissa Laniewski (Michael);Dave Betz (flags on field and speaker); Joyce Anderson (speaker and grandkids); Konrad Kempfe (Joyce and the Veterans presentation); Jerry Rhoades (back); Dave Lawer (speaker, help at field and next week’s speaker); and Mike Piecuch (field hockey and basketball).

Future Programs:

Nov. 26 – No Meeting – Happy Thanksgiving Day to all.

Dec. 3 – TBA, Jay Lemons is the host. Donna Schuck is the greeter. SVCC, 11:45 p.m.

Dec. 10 – TBA, Ken Miller is the host. Marv Rudnitsky is the greeter, SVCC, 11:45 p.m.

Dec. 17 – TBA, Holiday Luncheon. Brian Neitz is the host. Toby Skinner is the greeter, SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

Dec. 24 and 31 – No Meeting – Happy Holidays Greetings to All

Birthdays: Nov. 15 – Art Bowen. Dec. 8 – Charlie McCuen; 10 – Marv Rudnitsky; 30 – Dottie Anderson.

Quotation:  “A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.”  The Humor of Steven Wright