September 21, 2017

Selinsgrove Area Rotary Club

Make a Difference

Vol. 90, No. 11                         President – Georgiann Toby Skinner                   Sub. Editor – John L Stokinger

Next Meeting: Sept. 28 – Dr. Johnathan Green, new President of Susquehanna University will be the speaker. His wife Lynn Buck will also be present. Marv Rudnitsky is the host. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

September 21, 2017: 21 Rotarians were in attendance to hear District Governor Michael Hornby’s presentation to the club.  His wife Kresha was also in attendance.  His talk was preceded by his attendance at our Board meeting.  His talk to the club was pleasantly less structured than most District Governors’ presentations.  He initially spoke about the need to market ourselves.  We need to “shout from the rooftops”.  Nationally, Rotary membership is stagnant and we need to work at that.  He suggested that the more we each know about Rotary the better Rotarians we’ll be.   He asked us to consider attending other Rotary events, including our next district conference.  He opened the floor to questions, which prompted discussions on rule changes regarding membership and basic club structure.  We can evolve in any way that’s good for our club and for Rotary.  A Satellite Club might be considered or many other options.

He gave us an update on Polio Plus and strongly encouraged us to personally contribute to the Foundation.  Our District is undertaking a huge marketing campaign to combat human trafficking in our district and 3 related states.  He gave us facts and asked us to contact our legislators for support.

Governor Mike was born in Rhodesia, which I understand became known as Zimbabwe. He had firsthand experience with the violence of civil war. After high school he backpacked around the world for 2 years.  At age 19 he won the “green card lottery” and relocated with his family to San Diego, CA.  He became involved in restaurant chain and while traveling through West Virginia met his future wife.  He settled in Martinsburg, WV and they now own 4 magazines and a radio station(?).


Announcements:  Harold Dunkelberger is sponsoring Danielle Little, Business Consultant for PA Career Link.  She has been proposed for membership and will be installed if there are no objections presented to the President within seven days of this notice. The Membership Committee and the Board has approved.  The Golf Ball Drop is scheduled for Oct 14th.  Please turn in your tickets ASAP to John Stokinger.  Tickets will also be for sale at our booth at Market Street Festival. Rotary Foundation Dinner is 10/14.  Don Summers is preparing for the Dictionary distribution project – 10/6 at the intermediate school. Volunteer sign-up sheet was circulated today.

Sergeant at arms:  Marv Rudnitsky collected happy fines as follows:  I always forget this portion of the job, but here goes…Pat, Cheryl, Konrad, Hal, Carol, Mike, Sara, Art, John F, John S, Tom, Toby, Earl and probably others paid fines for our District Governor’s visit, the weather, Dave’s ham cooking, the Red Sox, the Yankees, and other great reasons.  Oh, and we sang Happy Birthday to Don Summers.


Future Programs:  

Oct. 5 – Sue Mathias, ED of Transitions, an affiliated agency with the PATHH 15 alliance, will be the second speaker on the Presidential area of interest, Human Trafficking. Toby Skinner is the host. Nominating Committee is appointed by the President. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

Oct. 12 – Ken Miller is the host of this program featuring Todd Miller, Ret. U.S. Army, speaking about his experiences as an ICBM operator and US Arms Control Treaty subject matter expert. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

Oct. 19 – Renee Gerringer, Danville Ronald McDonald House, will be the speaker. Dave Betz is the host. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

Oct. 26, 2017 – Mr. Aucker – Topic is “Clean Water”. Hosts are Konrad Kempfe and Earl Ferster

Birthdays:  Sept. 24 – Don Summers. Oct. 4 – Chad Cohrs; 21 – John Reed.

Quotation:  “If you want to save your child from polio, you can pray or you can inoculate…Try Science.”–Carl Sagan.