July 9, 2020

Selinsgrove Area Rotary Club

Rotary Connects the World

Vol. 93, No. 1 – President – Dan Mahoney – Editor – Carol Handlan


Next Meeting:  July 16, 2020 – Dottie Anderson is host, speakers are Kelsey Kline and McKenzie Sweet. They will discuss what it like during COVID-19 at the Summer Seals Day Camp.  We will be back at SVCC in the ballroom, social distancing and masks are required except when seated and eating. A box lunch will be served. We know all Rotarians will understand that this is the responsible way for us to meet together.

July 9, 2020: 17 Rotarians in-person (14) or via Zoom (3) joined us at the Regional Engagement Center (REC) to hear Tom Webb, owner of Spyglass Ridge Winery and Three Breads Brewing speak on the business and impact of COVID-19. He was introduced by Brian Neitz. Tom stated that his mother worked for Fidelity Bank and was a Rotarian for many years and appreciates the work Rotary does in the community.  Hailing from the Lehigh Valley area, Tom retired in 2020 after 32 years of employment, with Service Electric.  His wife is a nurse and she grew up in Northumberland.  He got interested in wine making very early in life and with his mom would make batches of wine to give as gifts for the holidays. Tom started planting his grape vines in 1995. When he first started, he was the 64th winery in PA and now there are over 300 wineries. He would go to Italy and Europe every year but now goes every other year. Attending trade shows and seminars; there he was paired with wineries of similar size to his and would make wine and share insights. It was interesting to hear the story of the “old world” wineries and how they still used old world methods, tanks and now much sanitizing. Today, he processes about 20,000 gallons of wine that equates to 100,000 bottles. His winery is somewhat unique in that they have zero distribution (not in Wine & Spirit Stores) and depend on their own winery a few breweries and their events. Their concerts alone bring in between 2-5 thousands people. Mostly local but they do get visitors from Canada, New Zealand, and from all over Europe. The brewery was to open in March but couldn’t because of the pandemic; it is now scheduled to open next month. Tom, did share that he had contracted COVID-19 after returning from a trip aboard (before we even knew it was here) and so did his wife, daughter and business associate.  All were very sick but fortunately all recovered.  Tom has invited to have a future Rotary meeting at the winery.

Announcements: 1) Due to the Summertime Concerts at the Gazebo moving to the Commons, there is no need to volunteer. Elaine Herrold thanks everyone who volunteered to assist and hopes to see us next year for Rotary Hot Dog Night. 2) Dave Lawer shared comments that he received from some of our scholarship recipients; he also sent it to us via email. 3) Rotary will return to meeting at the Country Club on July 16; social distancing will be possible in the large room, food will be a box lunch, you are asked to wear your masks when not seated. 4) Marv Rudnitsky stated borough council passed the new sign ordinance that will allow us to put signage on the back of the dugouts. 5) If you have not yet done so, PLEASE READ THE SECOND DRAFT OF THE 20-21 ROTARY CALENDAR – REVIEW TO SEE WHERE YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO BE HOST AT THIS POINT. We plan to print for distribution in July and would like it to be as accurate as possible – you may appear more than once, so please review whole document. Thank you!

Sergeant at Arms:  Marv Rudnitsky collected $18.00 in happy fines but I forgot to record who they were collected from and the reasons.  My apologies and I can assure you I won’t make that rookie mistake in my second newsletter!!

Future Programs:

July 23 – Club Assembly, Dan Mahoney presiding. Calendar distributed, audit committee appointed, budget presented and discussed by Sarah Maneval. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

July 30 – Internet connected presentation by Rotarian and Financial Advisor, Michael Damiano, presenter and host. SVCC, 11:45 a.m.

August 6Visit by District Governor Wright, SVCC, 11:45 a.m. Board Meeting precedes.

August 13 – Hal Dunkelberger, TBD

BirthdaysJuly 19 – Jared Roush. August 11- Javier Videla; 16 – Earl Ferster, Konrad Kempfe; 29 – Jay Lemons;

Quotation:  “Find A Way.”Diana Nyad