August 13, 2020

Selinsgrove Area Rotary Club

Vol. 93, No. 6 – President – Dan Mahoney – Editor – Carol Handlan


Next Meeting:  August 20, 2020 – Nicki Burrows of Kurt Weiss Greenhouses is the speaker. Earl Ferster, host.

August 13, 2020:  16 Rotarians and (2) guests joined us for our social distant lunch meeting and tour at Three Beards Brewery. We were welcomed by Tom Webb the owner/proprietor and had a wonderful meal, prepared by Chief John, of several varieties pizzas and stromboli made in their pizza oven that cooks the food in 90 seconds, in addition to salad and non-alcoholic beverages.  Tom explained that it took 3 painstaking years to build the brewery/restaurant to its true beauty, that we saw today, and is anticipating opening on October 1st. He shared many issues of why it took so long and the impact COVID played, compounding the problems; from obtaining building materials, the PLCB, staffing, etc. The brewery is on top of the hill with a beautiful view overlooking Spyglass Ridge Winery below and the concert field and stage that is currently being erected for the concert series that will be starting this weekend. Unfortunately, his talk ran over by about 20 minutes (and some of us had to leave) but those who stayed behind were able to participated in the tour. For more information, go to or 

Announcements: There were no announcements today.

Sergeant at Arms:  Because of today‘s program, there was no humor or happy fines collected.

Future Programs:

August 20 – Nicki Burrows of Kurt Weiss Greenhouses is the speaker. Earl Ferster, host.

August 27 –  Benjamin Willard of Family Practice will be our speaker on the Mall property and COVID-19. Ken Miller, host.

September 3 – Dr. John Pagana, speaking on Coronavirus and Other Health Issues. Charlie McCuen, host.

September 10 – Dr. Frank Jankowski, Superintendent of Selinsgrove Area School District. Marv Rudnitsky, host

Birthdays:  August 11- Javier Videla; 16 – Earl Ferster, Konrad Kempfe; 29 – Jay Lemons

Quotation: “Every person can make a DIFFERENCE and every person should TRY” – John F. Kennedy