January 28, 2021

Selinsgrove Area Rotary Club
Rotary Newsletter
Rotary Opens Opportunities
Vol. 93, No. 26 – President – Dan Mahoney – Editor – Carol Handlan


Next Meeting – February 4th – Marv Rudnitsky, host. Discussion on Selinsgrove Borough.

January 28, 2021: 16 Rotarians and 2 guest joined us via ZOOM, to hear Holly Morrison, President and CEO of the Community Giving Foundation (formerly known as Central Susquehanna Community Foundation). Holly shared why they rebranded and renamed the foundation, via a power point presentation that was shared with all Rotary Club members. It was quite “simple and powerful” when looking at the slide of their partners under the foundation’s umbrella. It clearly showed a detachment. With the new tree logo, comes the message of strength and growth.  In addition, all of the websites of their partners, including Selinsgrove’s (Community Giving Foundation Selinsgrove), were redesigned but are all formatted the same; which includes a scene, story, board members, map, etc.. As with everyone, the foundation was definitely impacted by the COVID pandemic. They did changed their policy to make grant applications and grant monies easier/quicker to process; to help assist those nonprofits who needed it the most. Holly also reviewed some of the slides showing the stats of giving during the past year. Please review the presentation and if you have any specific questions, Holly would be happy to answer them for you.

Announcements: 1) Art was home from the hospital and making progress in his recovery. 

Sergeant at Arms:  Marv Rudnitsky provided a bit of humor. He also noted that Mike Flock was celebrating a birthday. He collected happy fines from Carol (speaker); Pat (speaker, vaccine); Tom (speaker, vaccine); Kelly (speaker, vaccine); Mike (speaker, birthday); Stacey(speaker); Hal (car); Marty (speaker, vaccine, Rotary magazine polio article); Marv (speaker, vaccine). Sorry if I missed any!

Future Programs:
Feb. 4 – Marv Rudnitsky, host and will discuss Selinsgrove Borough.
Feb. 11 – Don Summers, host. Steve Stumbris of Bucknell’s Small Business Development Center.
Feb 18 – Club Assembly, President Dan Mahoney, Presiding
Feb 25 – Konrad Kempfe, host. John Taylor, International Services 

January:  5 – Michael Damiano, 17 – Wesley Knapp, 24 – Mike Flock
February:  3 – Toby Skinner, 5 – Carol Handlan, 22 – Fred Keller

Quotation:  “There’s nothing unusual about struggling right now, but try to focus on whatever small things you can control, and take hold of them.” – Angela Duckworth