June 3, 2021

Selinsgrove Area Rotary Club
Rotary Newsletter
Rotary Opens Opportunities
Vol. 93, No. 43 – President – Dan Mahoney – Editor – Carol Handlan


Next Meeting – June 10 – Cheryl Stumpf, host.  Dr. Jeff Mann and his wife, Neneth to speak on humanitarian activities in the Philippines.

JUNE 3, 2021: 27 fellow Rotarians 1 guest (Gail Fischer) joined us at Isabella’s. Gary Gonsar, introduced Harvey Edwards, Adjunct English Instructor/Teacher-In-Residence at Susquehanna University.  First, there were few people in the room who didn’t know Harvey. Some members shared touching, memorable stories of when they first met him in Selinsgrove.  Harvey gave insight on his educational career. Teaching every grade level from preschool to graduate graduate school; including on an Indian reservation. His subjects taught were primarily English and Creative Writing and after teaching 29 years in the Selinsgrove Area School District, he retired 5 years ago and is now at Susquehanna University as an adjunct Professor. He has really enjoyed his position and especially being part of the GO program and being able to take students to places like Ecuador and Argentina. Harvey shared the challenges and disappointments of teaching during the pandemic and went on to read some of the evaluations/reviews/feedback (good and bad) by students who had taken his courses that were split with some in class students and some via Zoom. He fondly referred to his students as either Roomies or Zoomies. He share these stories with us, to provide a better understanding of what students experienced during this extraordinary period in their lives.

Announcements: 1) Tom Gates provided an update on Wheels in the Grove. He had copies of Sponsorship Forms and Applications to participate to hand out. 2) Chapin Jones shared they were still looking for volunteers for Mallet Madness. 3) Carol Handlan announced that there would be a Market Street Festival this year and anticipates that our Rotary Club will have a table at the event. She also gave an update on the Rotary Yard/Craft Sale to be held on Saturday, June 26 from 9am-2pm. Spaces (20×10) are available for $20 to nonclub members and must supply their own table. Club members will be provided a table, if needed, and can either pay $20 or donate a portion of their sale proceeds to Rotary. She has a sign up listing to participate for club members and information has been posted on social media for the public’s participation.

Sergeant at Arms: Dave Lawer provided some humor (with a joke from Kelly Feiler) and collected “Happy Fines” from Carol (speaker, summer music series), Dave (speaker, flag display), Mike (speaker, fishing story), Tom (speaker, guest), John F. (speaker, guest), Art (speaker, grandkids lacrosse, traveling, Harvey story), Melissa (daughters wedding, family birthday celebration), Charlie (speaker, guest), Kelly (speaker, table mates).

Future Programs:
June 17 – Art Bowen – Distinguished Service Award Presentation to Kendra Aucker, President/CEO of Evangelical Community Hospital.
June 24 – Dottie Anderson – Installation of 2021- 2022 Officers and Directors.

May: 12 – Malcolm Derk
June: 24 – Pat Pinkowski

Quotation:  “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” –Walt Disney