August 19, 2021

Selinsgrove Area Rotary Club
Rotary Opens Opportunities
Vol. 94, No. 7 – President – Robert Bertram Editor – Carol Handlan
Rotary Newsletter


Next Meeting – August 26 – Ken Wagner – host; speaker will be PA State Police Corporal Timothy Nicklaus

August 19, 2021: 23 fellow Rotarians and 3 guests (Linda Turner, Paul Donecker and Tatiana Casanova) joined us at Isabella’s. Host, Ken Miller introduced Chief Thomas (Tom)Garlock. Ken gave a summary of the Chief’s 43 year career in law enforcement, with 25 years spent in the Selinsgrove Police Department. He graduated from Selinsgrove Area High School and Franklin & Marshal College and he still finds time to coach the boy’s lacrosse team at SAHS. He gave a very interesting and first hand view of the difficulties police departments are facing in today’s environment, around the county on all levels (federal, state and local); especially related to public mistrust, defunding and recruitment. In past years, they would have significant numbers of applicants for openings and now they are lucky to get a few. In spite of it all, Tom, manages our police department to always behave in a professional manner and he has proven that year, after year. Members of our club express reflections of working with Tom on matters, that have come up, and they confirmed what a wonderful person he is and how lucky Selinsgrove is to have him.

Announcements: 1) Marty Blessing introduced her guest, Linda Turner for the last time since Linda is scheduled to be inducted into our club on August 26; 2) President Bob introduced Reverend Paul Donecker who was visiting member of the Lewisburg Rotary Club; 3) Tom Gates gave an update on Wheels in the Grove and shared that of the 115 cars .that registered to attend, 101 cars showed up for the event. The proceeds from the event was approximately $9,700. He thanked his committee and everyone who volunteered and worked the event; 4) John Fischer announced the committee met this week and that the Golf Brochures are available at the front table. He also passed around a signup sheet for volunteers to assist the day of the event.

Marv Rudnitsky shared some humor and also collected Happy Fines from the following (sorry if I missed any because it’s hard to hear): John (golf committee); Carol (guests, speaker, wheels, niece finishing first in marathon); Ken (wheels, speaker, guests); Marv (wheels, speaker, guests); Dave (wheels, speaker, guest, scholarship recipient thank you notes); Mary (wheels, 1973 VW); Tom (speaker, wheels committee, volunteers); Mike (wheels, guests); Gary (wheels, speaker); Toby (wheels, new granddaughter); Sarah (wheels, guests, speaker); Raven (guests, speaker, Isabella’s meal, Carol weeding, wheels); Art (wheels, guests, Carol weeding, beach, Chief Garlock smiling, scholarship notes); Kelly (wheels, guests, speaker).

– Charlie McCuen – host; TBA
– Wesley Knapp – host; TBA
– Mike Flock – host; TBA
– Marv Rudnitsky – host; Speaker Judge Hudock
– Sarah Maneval – host; TBA

– Annual Golf Classic SVCC 11:45 am – 7:00 pm
– Gathering of all District 7360 Rotary Clubs at Country Cupboard in Lewisburg