Know someone who is looking to put “Service Above Self” and make a real difference in the community? Check out the Selinsgrove Rotary Club – New Member Process below for more information on how to refer a potential member.


• Name (application form) is submitted to Board through Secretary
• Board ensures proposal is OK
• Board approves within 30 days
• Proposing member is notified by the club Secretary
• Prospective member is asked to sign application and have his name and classification put out for members to consider
• If no objection within 7 days of publication…and
• Upon payment of admission fee – new member is considered elected
• President shall arrange for induction
• Secretary will report new member information to Rotary International


• Induction – The President will arrange for the induction of the new member at the earliest possible time after he has been approved for membership.
• Classification – The Secretary will assign the new member’s classification.
• New Member Packet – The Secretary will put together a new member packet and deliver it to the President as soon as the person has been approved for membership.
• Weekly Newsletter – The Secretary adds them to the list via a notice to Bob Fogle (hard copy) and Dottie Anderson (e-mail).
• Information for Rotary Calendar – The Club Service Director will get biographical information for the next publication of our Rotary calendar.
• Rotary Badge – Rotarian given name and classification by Secretary and produces a new Rotary badge and makes sure it gets to the box of badges at the GSVCC.
• Invoices – The Secretary will notify the Treasurer of the new member’s name and address for purposes of producing invoices.
• Introduction – For a period of one or two months the President will introduce the new member at each weekly meeting they attend so that any members who have missed meeting the new member can introduce themselves.
• Classification Talk – The President shall arrange for the new member to be scheduled to present their classification talk as a weekly program.
• Orientation – The Director of Club Service shall invite the new member to the next organized orientation meeting.
• General Information – Soon after a person becomes a member, the member who has proposed a new member should make sure they understand the following things, since a formal orientation may not occur for months. Meeting times, general flow of meetings, happy fine procedure, attendance, costs, fund raisers, community projects, committee structure, guests, weekly programs, social events and to review contents of new member packet.